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Tuesday Greetings

FlippedOverJosh02's picture
on December 11, 2007 - 12:59pm

Hey everyone! Happy Tuesday to y'all. It's another chilly day here in SW Minnesota!

I need your help! For my hubby's side of the family we drew names a full year ago and we were all going to make something HOMEMADE to give to them........well, as you can well imagine, many of us didn't get that done - no time, no talent, you name it :)

So here's the deal. If we didn't make something homemade, we are suppose to bring a "generic" wrapped gift. Now, generic meaning it could be for a man or woman OR we can put a card on the outside saying "lady" or "man". But here's my dilemma.....there's such an age spread - some still in highschool. Some just out of college, and out on their own, and "almost" married, but not quite, and then some of us "old folk". So how do I come up with a gift that would suit all?? EEEEk - I sometimes think it would have been easier to make something homemade, but now it's almost too late. I'm not a seamstress, a woodworker, etc etc..........HELP! I need your ideas.....and HURRY! Do you realize CHRISTMAS DAY IS TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY for cryin' out loud? Where the heck does the time go???

I'll be checking back this evening for some awesome ideas from all of you....come're bright people and my lifesavors, remember :)

Until then, love and Josh hugs!

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