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Lifehouse, Michael, Top 40 of 2007, and Josh

vijaykumar's picture
on December 12, 2007 - 9:58am

I watched the Vh1 Top 40 Videos of 2007 last night (12/11/07) and have to say I was kind of disappointed. Well, I was happy that Lifehouse, my fave band, made the top 40 but I think they deserved better than number 29! "First time" is a great song and the video is also excellent--unique and creative.I think it definitely rated higher. I don't understand how VH1 puts the list together. I think Lifehouse was cheated. And I know "Whatever it takes" came out late in 2007 but I think it also belonged in the top 40. It's also a wonderful song and video. I also thought Canadian singer Michael Buble's song "Everything" was a nice, upbeat song and had a fun video and it should have been included in the top 40.
I watched Josh on "Regis and Kelly" on Monday 12/10/07. It is always good to see him on television. it's been a while since I've seen him on tv; for one reason or another I tend to miss him on tv. Oh, I tape most all his tv appearances but put off watching them for whatever but I digress. He was in fine form in this tv showing. He sang "It came upon the midnight clear" and played the piano as well as ever. He was also amusing in talking with Regis and Kelly. The only problem I have with his performance is that I wish it had been just him singing and playing the piano with no other instruments and no choir. I'm sorry, call me a purist, but I think Josh has been blessed with a magnificent voice and it should always be allowed to shine. It needs no help.
I like the song "It came upon the midnight clear" but I prefer " O holy night" (which Josh does beautifully and it is my favorite all time Christmas song), "What child is this" (one of my fave tracks on Josh's "Noel"). Another favorite Christmas song is "Mary, did you know?" which I think Josh would do a brilliant job on and I wish he'd put it on "Noel". I also like "Thankful" from "Noel" and "Believe". These are becoming among my Christmas favorites

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