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Wanted - Gingerbread Latte.

vijaykumar's picture
on December 13, 2007 - 10:09am


Why is the closest Second Cup on Hazeldeen Road in Ottawa?? Well, there is a Starbucks in Kanata, at Chapters. But me in a book store that size is fatal. Add a gingerbread latte, and well, see you Christmas Eve.

Been reading a good book. It is called 'Nobody's Mother - Life Without Kids'. Very good, seeing as that is going to be my life. I'm still conflicted, part of me is screaming for a baby, while the rational side knows the time still isn't right and sadly enough, the time is running out, fast. I'm guessing in six months the corner will be turned and no going back.

But, this could mean there are better things for me, right? God works in mysterious ways. The one thing I want more than anything is to sing, maybe this is a good thing.

Seeing as Christmas here is going to nothing, I think next year I'm doing something different. Like go to Europe. My family isn't close, it is amazing we haven't killed each other yet really. I just feel like the outcast because I won't be having children, I'm single with no intentions of changing that in the near future and well, I'm the big dreamer.

Speaking of Christmas, I got everything out yesterday. So to the person on here expecting a Christmas card, it is on its way. Might be late, I'm not sure. I was going to put a picture of Josh in Ottawa in there for you, but as always, I couldn't find my pictures! Oh well, they weren't that great really, you wouldn't believe I was in the eighth row. And, I hated taking the pictures because half the time my flash went off and I felt bad. I didn't want to bother Josh.

Argh - I'm gonna have to break and beg dad to take me to Second Cup! Me and my credit card!! I love their coffee, and buy piles of it when I'm there to take home. And their shortbread hot chocolate, and goodness knows what else. And I need a gingerbread latte for snooping in the shops, and one to take on the ride home.

Gingerbread latte needed, badly!

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