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I´m back! Josh and the nobel price!

vijaykumar's picture
on December 14, 2007 - 3:35am

Hi guys! It´s been so long ago since the last time I was here! But i´ve been thinking about you haha.. OOOhhhh I have to tell you as well, Josh was here in Sweden, Stockholm, last week and I missed him when he was down town, he was going to sign Noel cd´s at a very big mall but it was cancelled so I never even saw him! Just wanted a chance to tell him that I appreciate him soo much! and that he has such a magnificant voice... even though he´s proppably heard it 7267568258626 times it would just feels good to tell him that he is appreciated and such a wonderful artist... so if you´re reading this josh! now you know... and I´m an excellent songwriter if you ever want to do what celine has done the past 10 years, search for inspiration from others! :D

He was also on a popular tv show and performed, of course he sang fantastic, I even got text messages from friends saying: "ok his voice is unhuman..." it was so fun to see his look when the swedish hosts made jokes about swedish artists in swedish and he just stood there not knowing what to do... sort of felt sorry for him, kind of awkward... but funny...

anyhow, I finished all my exams and I got B´s on them and I´m so happy! :D sure, I would prefer A´s but B´s are also good, and since it´s my school that presents and gives away the nobel prices in medicine it´s been a hectic 2 weeks with meetings and dinnerpartys with the nobel price winners for medicine! NOT that i´m complaining! it´s also been so much fun! I feel so intellectual sitting with them talking as I think where I was 5 years ago and that i´m only 22 years old now! Yesterday we had a ball with them, everybody was so dressed up and we had such a good time watching the noel price winners get just slightly drunk and dance the night away with the female professors at the univeristy! Took lots of pictures! I was so close to going to this years nobel price award dinner with the king and his family... but things got out of track at the ending.. but it´s ok! I´ve got a guranteed invitation next year yeey! :D

talk to you guys soon... have to study this whole week so that I can have a "non studying christmas"... byee

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