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Weirdness Happens

suzypooh's picture
on December 14, 2007 - 6:18am

Today - I took my son to school at 6:00 am - he had to take a make up test. I started the car to warm it up. I went back inside for a minute and a loud noise came on - I couldn't figure out what it was and finally I went back into the garage and heard it louder. It was the air compressor in the corner. Somehow the red switch had flipped down - how in the world did this happen? I have no idea - there was absolutely no one else up or in the garage at the time. I had pulled the car out to start it. It was just a freaking weird thing. I didn't even know where the switch was and finally found it to flip back up and turn it off. My HOGs out of town and stuck in Philly cause of the weather. I hope he gets back home before that Noreaster hits. Things like this happen when he's out of town of course. I'm not totally freaked though - I guess it would have helped if I hadn't watch those stupid ghost mystery shows the day before though. LOL

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