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And the Award for Best Actor Goes To...

vijaykumar's picture
on December 15, 2007 - 9:14am

All my students. They did great. It turned out so cute.
Eveyone did what they were suppose to do and did it well.
Wonderful students ! They shook their marracas, threw the snow, hung their stockings on the great big coconut tree and requested a present from santa in the canoe with their picutre exchange systems and opened the present box and bowed, and wore the Hawaiian shirts, sun glasses and visors...too fun ! It was a riot. They were having fun. They really got into it. Dancing to the music. What a riot..nerveracking but fun.

Got home late last night from work and sat down and fell asleep. I didn't even turn the tv on. Had no clue JG Larry King show was going to be on last night. That would have been fun to watch. Thought it was going to be on on the 24.
Now I am a bit bummed I missed it. Heard he did well. Hope they replay it. Wonder why they changed it from the 24th to the 14.

Now its hurry up and buy presents for my students and family. We work right up to just before Christmas. Then two weeks off. I am looking forward to that.

Sent my ornament off next day air.

Hi flippedoverjosh2 and Mariah Josh....

FOJ2: So glad your relative has help she appreciates. Autism is can be very difficult at times. I am not
familiar with the letters SPD
...what does that refer to ?
I know what PDD is but not SPD.

Mariahjosh...indeed HOT HOT HOT.

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