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A Josh Groban Christms

wigirl's picture
on December 15, 2007 - 9:49am

Awhile ago, I misplaced my (only) Josh Groban Cd. (Personally, I think my sister swiped it, but won't admit it). Anyways, earlier this month I received a package from a friend out of state with the instructions "Do Not Open Until Christmas"... Well, I couldn't resist. Inside the box were every one of Josh's Cd's. Of course I called my friend immediately to thank her and inquired as to why all the Cd's. As it turns out, she could not remember which Cd I had lost and couldn't decide which one to purchase. Talk about a great Christmas present!

I then in turn recorded a mix of Josh Groban songs for a less fortunate friend so she could have a Josh Groban Christmas too! She loved it!

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