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Good news!

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on December 15, 2007 - 1:16pm

Good news--the video was still there! It was on my camera, but for some reason my camera wasn't recognizing it. I put my memory card in the computer this afternoon and there it was! Yay!

Today I went to lunch with my mom, dad, grandfather, and my grandfather's girlfriend. My grandfather's in a wheelchair, my mom sprained her ankle, and my g.father's g.friend has a cane and has to swing her leg to walk. I told my dad, "we're in the minority." Plus both my grandfather and his g.friend have only one good arm, so my mom and I had to cut their meat. It was a lot of fun though! The lady really enjoyed herself. I don't think her family takes her out of the nursing home much, which is a shame. She's the cutest thing ever. She gets all dressed up :)

There are rumors of snow. We've had rain off and on. Tomorrow I'm going to a semi-formal Christmas party with my church, downtown. It sounds fancy--I hear people actually dance! I invited a guy at work since he was disappointed our office party was canceled. (I wasn't disappointed because they canceled it to pay for our health insurance instead.)

Which reminds me, we should hear about our Christmas bonuses soon... I'm getting anxious to buy a house. I can't take having so much stuff in my little room, and I'm not going to want to look for a house in the middle of the Easter production.

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