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month birthday

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on December 16, 2007 - 11:23am

today is my nieces 1 month birthday!!

today i'm going to go see Alvin and the Chimpmunks. i've loved those cartoons since i was a little girl and i have all the volumes to their christmas albums. i think it's 3.

i'm going to sing at 12:30pm and then go to the movies and then go back and sing at 6:00pm.

this whole week is singing. and i can't wait to sing on christmas eve, it's SOO exciting. i wish all of you could be there...and josh.

friday night i turned the television on and in the beginning of Larry King was Josh...i didn't notice. derek did and he started screaming, "yooooosh!!!!" and then he saw lucia playing and he started screaming, "ucia, ucia, ucia, ucia, ucia, ucia!!!!!!!!"

yup! he knows who she is, too! that kid is smart.

well, i gotta go get ready and i'm still half a sleep.

richard is leaving tomorrow to mexico for 3 weeks. to spend time with his grandma. earlier this year, he lost his grandfather, so this is definitly going to be hard for him. hopefully, i get to see him today so i can give him a HUGE hug.

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