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confusion and violins

vijaykumar's picture
on December 17, 2007 - 6:33am

How do I post pictures? i saw a few other pages where ppl had posted their own, but i can't figure it out. help would be great.
Today is violin lesson day. My teacher has been driving me insane. I know i don't have the heart of a true classical musician, i never will be recorded and selling albums on my violin. But i can play well. I like to learn the piece, read it over and over, listen to it until i know it inside and out, every shift, every bow. If i love a peice i will work my butt off because i will remember the music forever and play it for the rest of my life. My teacher wanted me to work on a mozart peice, one that barely anyone knows. HE hasn't even heard it. now it's an ok piece, but i don't like mozart too much. and comparatively, i don't like this piece. does it mean that i am not a true violinist because i don't like mozart very much? sure he was brilliant, but not my style. at all. i appreciate his music. but will never keep it in my head, slave to get it perfect. cuz as soon as i'm done, i will cut up the music and use it in my art.
humph! maybe it means i am lazy, but i still love to play and will fight for what i believe is beautiful. well, sorry about ranting. if you actually read all this, then you are amazing.

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