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Getting in early - New Years Resolution

ozjoshjunkie's picture
on December 17, 2007 - 11:41am

So, I've been lurking in the journal pages for awhile, so I kind of decided that for the first time in many years I'd actually make a New Years resolution - and that would be to start a journal...

Anyway, as I was reading this morning I thought why should I wait until Jan 1?

So I've dived in - and this is my first post. Yeah!!!!

I've only got 4 days at work left until I have a break of 11 days. I so need it. Work has been going crazy and everyone wants everything done before the compulsory christmas shut down.. Which is understandable, but it's hard to try and prioritize, and on top of that I then get other urgent stuff from my boss who's going on leave this Wednesday.

Anyway, that's if for my first entry. Feel free to leave me a comment. Hugs, Kay

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