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never been this confused

vijaykumar's picture
on December 18, 2007 - 1:31pm

HI! I have never been more overwhelmed with feeling in my life, somedays I feel so happy, other times I feel so blessed, at times I can´t sleep cause I feel so depressed... what´s wrong with me? Friday is my last day at school feel so excited going home... I really want to meet my ex and just show her what she missed out on hahah but still I don´t think I would know how to act around her... anyhoow... there has been such a spectacle about josh on the swedish music charts these past weeks, noel is really selling well... there is alot of competition between him and Mariah Careys christmas album on the Swedish charts... don´t know who to rout for, I guess Josh since she´s already had her 15 minutes of fame with her christmas album, being the best selling christmas album of all time! I sure wish he´s following her steps! With a voice like his, he´s bound to be the best selling male singer in history in about a decade :D... at least I hope... wonder what he´s doing right now, sure could use a new Josh album :D

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