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Christmas is a'comin'!

groban4fun's picture
on December 20, 2007 - 7:51am

I can't believe it! That time of the year is here again!! The years go by so fast and I am realizing that with each year it just goes faster. I can't believe I am 16 now and half way through High School. It's exciting and scary. I remember when I was younger how Christmas morning always was. Waking up at 3 am...watching "The Smurfs Christmas" while I waited for parents to wake up and playing with what "santa" brought me. Now my parents are coming into my room to wake ME up at 7 am and santa is not such a mystery anymore. I am lucky though. I have a one year old sister so even though I have grown up, I still get to watch her graceful innonence on Christmas morning.
This Christmas I get to spend it with "someone special" so I'm excited. Mistletoe has to be God's gift to couples! (= This time of year I realize that I do have "so much to be thankful for." My family, friends, boyfriend, school...everything! I live a pretty charmed life!!! So this holiday season I want to send some love out to all my Grobier friends and just say thank you! Thank you for sharing my love of Josh's music!!! You are amazing!!!! I have had such a fun year with you all!!! I have now been a Josh freak for a year and it has been amazing!!!!
Thank you Josh!!! You are a wonderful man and the most talented artist out there. I have been so honored to meet you and attend two of your concerts!! Your music has seriously made my life better!!!

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