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I'm on holidays til Jan 2

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on December 21, 2007 - 3:41am

Yeah... I love the Christmas Close down period.

Thankfully I'm not one of those who have to go in on Monday, although it would probably only be for a couple of hours.

Instead, I'll be heading up to visit my mum for Christmas. And for something a bit different, I'm going to be taking my little 4 year old nephew with me, so we can have a little holiday with Grandma.

My sister (his mum) and her husband will come up on Monday afternoon, and it wil be his first holiday without his mum & dad, so fingers crossed it goes ok.

I love seeing Ben's face on Christmas morning. Last year was the first time he really 'got' Christmas, so it's going to be fun to see him this year.

The weather is predicted to be hot and humid (just like last year, and the year before and the year before that), but nevertheless, mum will be doing the whole traditional lunch, with baked ham and all the trimmings. We don't do turkey, but instead we'll probably have roast chicken. Of course we'll all eat too much and regret it about 2 hours after we finish, but we never learn. I've promised myself that one day I'll spend Christmas in the northern hemisphere so I can experience a real 'White Christmas'.

I'm not going to have internet access for a couple of days - not sure how I'm going to cope. I think it's time to bring my mum into the 21st century.

The only sad part of Christmas time is Boxing Day (Dec 26). A few years ago we spent our entire Christmas day at the hospital as my dad battled the last stages of secondary brain cancer. He managed to hold on until just after midnight, and then peacefully slipped away. We'll be going to mass and go on lay some flowers at his grave. It's always hard, but each year it gets easier. I think having Ben around makes it easier to focus on the positives, rather than dwell on the inevitable sadness.

Anyway, grobie hugs to everyone. Hope you all have a great Christmas & holiday season.

Travel safe.

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