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christmas dinner

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on December 23, 2007 - 11:30am

last night i had a christmas dinner with my friends. one friend (maribel), i've known since we were in kindergarten. 5 years old.
the other (joel[replace the j w/ an n], dina, martha) i've known since middle school and my other friends (liz, zulema, jennifer, carmen) from high school.

we did a secret santa and my friend martha had me and she gave me...NOEL!!! and a starbucks gift card. i have 3 copies now. the one i bought, the one my dad bought in las vegas and this one.

she said that it was difficult finding it and that she went to a lot of stores and looked for hours.
and then i explained why you can't find Noel on shelfs anymore.
no one knew who he was!!, except for zulema (because she LOVES brian and josh sings a duet with him) and joel.

in the car, on the way home, i played it for joel, zulema and liz. after "i'll be home for christmas" they didn't say anything. it was quiet, and i asked if they had fallen asleep and liz said, "no, we were just listening to it"

today, i'm going to finish chrismtas shopping and the mall is just CRAZY!! you can barely walk in there. but i love it!!! ahahaha!

i should work as a personal shopper, i love shopping especially while using someone elses pay check! ahahahah!

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