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Confessions of an uprepared Grobanite!

lfranklin's picture
on December 27, 2007 - 6:49am

For the record, try not to spit-take when you're eating yogurt. Corolary: have nothing in your mouth when you log on to FOJG! I had a bit of a crummy day yesterday when I wanted the world to revolve around me and it wouldn't. This morning I log on to see I'm the member of the day! Sorry to disappoint, I'm not the one with the adorable puppy face- that's my adorable puppy Spectre and seeing her picture up on FOJG totally confused me for a half a moment ("Wow! Some one has a blue merle that looks JUST LIKE... wait a minute!!!!"). Like all other odd turning points in my life, I find myself dabbling towards ready but not actually there yet. I didn't have any journal entries before but I was just thinking last night that I ought to make use of this- I guess I have a reason now! Now that I think about it... this also gives me an excuse to wear the new t-shirt to work and listen to Josh all day: my bosses are all gone and it's time my coworkers actually HEARD Josh! (You know you're a Grobanite when your coworkers can name four Josh Groban songs without actually ever listening to him...) I can resume my regularly scheduled geek-girl tomorrow.

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