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Happy Holidays

vijaykumar's picture
on December 27, 2007 - 8:15am

Happy holidays everyone i hope that you all had a wonderful christmas! I was surprised on christmas this year with another nasty head cold that i can't get rid of! Finished my book it was really good (love in the time of cholera) it started out kind of dull but wound up pretty good! I had a good christmas dispite the head cold! My brother and his wife showed up with their 2 daughters! I haven't seen them in over a year or more....can't quite recall! and my sister came home from work early, my aunt came with her son and it was a really nice day! I'm glad that it's over though! It was short but sweet! I know in my family that if you have us all together for too long we start to fight so it was nice, short and very festive! all of the kids made out like bandits this year! My sister got the Noel CD for christmas! the only one in the family who didn't have one! we had a gift exchange and she was the only one who managed to keep her present! (because everyone else had the CD, we all called her a slacker!!just in fun though!) It was really nice though! The only downfall of the season is the lack of sleep that i always seem to end up with! you talk way too late into the night and get up way to early in the morning! My Oma (grandmother) dosn't go home until the 4th of January but I won't be there due to the fact that i'll be house sitting for my friend with 7 dogs! I love northern breed though (she has Samoyeds and Siberian Huskies)that should go over well with my German Shepherd, Shep/Husky, and 2 Belgian Malinois (my sister's,yep dog sitting for her too!), and my Border Collie X (??) we are not sure what she is!!! My friend is going down to California to get married on the 29th! I'm so excited for her!! I guess that she didn't want to get married in this wonderfully cold Alberta weather!!! Well i hope that everyone had a great holiday without too many family squabbles! And i hope that everyone got spoiled rotten!!! listen to alot of Josh and have a great day (i know i will!!!) not very many dogs in the daycare and no grooming dogs! nice and slow today!!!! if i don't get on here again before the new year HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!

Edit: do you ever read over your journal and see all of the spelling mistakes and lack of puncuation and things that you forgot to say?!!! Thank goodness for the edit!! I just wanted to say thanks to all the wonderful people on this site that have made me feel at home here and thanks to all of the wonderful friends that i have made, thanks to Josh for his wonderful music and thanks to everyone who has a good heart and can make the holidays seem so much more than they are! God Bless you all!

Another Edit!! ha!! i finally figured out how to put a picture in my profile! your probably all thinking "it took you long enough!!!" I know I know i'm not the greatest with the internet! but trial and error can get you pretty far! as long as i don't crash my computer!!! Now all i need is a digital camera to get my own picture (maybe but i don't want to scare anyone!!ha ha! maybe i can get one of Gunda so you can all see what she looks like!! Have an awesome day! i like playing around on here!!!

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