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vijaykumar's picture
on December 27, 2007 - 5:53pm

Ok so I must tell someone this or I will burst:
So I had this really attractive physics teacher in high school, Mr. E. And my friend and I would always joke about how after we graduated we'd date him and stuff...but it was obviously a joke. Well, our friend, Pat, started going out with our friend Matt. And after going out for like a year, she broke up with (this was last week). So at this point, we graduated last June (Go Class of '07!) and Pat just broke Matt's heart...he was very broken up about her leaving him. And then she tells Matt that SHE'S GOING OUT WITH MR.E!!!
My friend and I ranted about it for so long...I mean, how disgusting is that: a teacher going out with his ex-student...ew!
So that peice of gossip just made my day! :)

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