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vijaykumar's picture
on December 28, 2007 - 12:08pm

Well My Christmas Eve was awesome. It turned out to be a big gathering at my house, I had family from NY come down. We danced and drank until 2am. It was a blast. I didnt know how much I missed hanging out with my family until that night. On Christmas I went to visit my dad before he went to work. It was nice and then headed back home to see my grnadparents and have dinner with them and exchange gifts.

This year my mom, sister and I told each other we werent doing presents this year because we are all strapped for cash. However, my sister still manage to buy me a little something so I could open a gift on Christmas. I also bought my mom and sister gifts. I think the best gift I got this year was spending time with the family I never really took time to hang out with them becuz I was in the relationship. This year I enjoyed hanging out with them dancing and laughing. It actually help me realize what to look for in a relationship. Anyways, now Im looking forward to New Years. It will be another party at my house, however this time it will be a small group. The New Year will be a better one for me. I have grown in the past couple of months and Im reaady to put my best foot forward into the next year.

Happy New Year's to everyone!! Take Cares and find that someone special to kiss at midnight! I know I'm still looking, maybe the new year will bring him to me! ;)

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