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Christmas Gifts

vijaykumar's picture
on December 28, 2007 - 12:17pm

What a Christmas!!! It was awesome. I got alot of neat stuff. I got most of is Cowboys stuff. I got a sweat shrit, Roody the Cowboy (their mascot), a cowboys fleece throw, Tony Romo Jersery (no it is not the one that Jessica Simpson wore), Cowboys egg people (I don't know the really name), a gorgeous tea set, pjs, a pair of jeans, a nice top, tea to go with the tea set, a big mug from starbucks, candles, fleece jacket, two oranments, & at least 2 lbs. of chocolate.

It was weriod splitting up Christmas between my family & Dave's family. I kept saying to Dave that this is weriod. I am so use to spending Christmas with my family. But it was fun. Christmas Eve servcie was so awesome. We light candles and turn the lights off when we are singing Silent Night. Sitting in the congregation is one thing, but seeing the candles being lit during that song was aboustely an awesome sight to see. I didn't make any mistakes at all. I didn't even spill the wine on anybody. Occassionaly I forget to words that I am suppose to say while pouring the wine, which is The Blood of Christ shed for you. Any way I hope every one got what they wanted for Christmas & had a great one too!!

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