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So far, so good

GrobAngel's picture
on December 29, 2007 - 4:58pm

It's been a quiet day today. My fiance and I were supposed to go to another family party today (I'm starting to overdose on extended family at this point), but he had a cold and didn't want to go anywhere.
I was afraid I was catching the cold - my throat was bugging me this morning. So I got out my alternative/herbal medicine books and found a way to stop it before it really starts (or so it claims). A cayenne pepper infusion is brewing right now. It burns going down (I think the theory is that it'll burn any illness out of you), but stirring in honey makes it more bearable. I figure it's okay since honey is part of other throat remedies.
If I didn't have to go to medical school, nothing would stop me from becoming an alternative practitioner. I've always been fascinated with herbal medicine. Not to mention I had a bad reaction to an unfamiliar antibiotic when I was 14. With my herbs, chances are I've drunk it in a blended tea, eaten it in a salad, or spiced meat with it and suffered no ill effects.
And so far this medicine - knock wood - seems to be working. I have one more dose of that infusion to take today, and I feel much better than I did when I woke up this morning.

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