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New Year's Resolutions/Goals...

wigirl's picture
on December 29, 2007 - 9:05pm

This morning I found my list of Resolutions/Goals from 2007 and noticed that there were still 2 things I had not attempted to do on the list.

So, I went out and finished off the list.... 1.) Walked the streets of downtown Milwaukee at a leisure pace (with my sister) and toured the old buildings, museums, etc. and ate lunch at one of the "coolest" diners in the city. 2.) Sat down with my sister and played a guitar duet (which hasn't been done in about 10 years)... Sounded okay, although we were a little rusty.

I'm probably the only person to attempt/complete everything on their resolution/goal list for the New Year.

(I'm still working on my New Year's resolution/goal list for 2008)

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