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Happy New Year Everyone!!!

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on December 31, 2007 - 8:48pm

Just had to stop by and wish everyone a very, very HAPPY NEW YEAR! Part of me is sad to see 2007 go. It was such a great JOSH year for all of us with the Awake Tour and NOEL. Josh is at the top of my "Best of 2007" list. He holds the top 3 for each concert. :D My #4 is that I lost approximately 25 lbs this year. A miracle! Truly! Now, I can hear you ask, "Shouldn't your weight loss be #1 on your list?" The reason I say, "Nope" is because the times I had at each concert were so amazingly, freakishly, out of body, out of mind, blissfully BLISSful, that nothing can compare to that kind of happiness. Yes, I am very, very proud of myself for the weight loss. I hope to meet my goal in 2008, BUT to be able to say that I got to experience such great anticipation and then joy and happiness and AWE THREE times in one year??? I'm just GRATEFUL beyond any capacity of words. I had great seats each time, and to just be THAT close and experience THAT voice. It was just beyond anything that can be described.

This past year will forever be etched in my mind. Then the icing on the cake was meeting so many wonderful friends on FOJG. I never expected to be blessed in that way either. :D

Sooooooo HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY to all! I wish you all the very best of the new year. Being here and sharing Josh means nothing but the BEST for all of us no matter what the year might be! :D

Big hugs and sloppy wet kisses!

Melany :)

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