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happy new year,

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on January 1, 2008 - 1:56pm

(as josh calls us) MY BABIES!!!

i hope that 2008 is BETTER than 2007.
i don't want this to be too long, but this year has been so amazing! 2006 (as many of you, it sucked for me!) is out of my head.
this are the amazing things that happened in 2007.

*(january)received my awake concert tickets

*(february)valentine's album from josh

*(march) my first concert. i took my mom. FLOOR SEATS!

*(may) [besides my birthday]pirates of the caribbean:at world's end

* (july)i donated to JGF (my first donation)

*(october)josh's first christmas album

*(november) leilanni (niece) was born. talked to tariqh and lucia on the phone.

*(december)all the celebrations! re-make of sweeney todd:the demon barber of fleet street.

* THROUGH THE WHOLE YEAR: i've gotten really close to my friends. few of them who i've grown since middle school, and one that i've grown with since kindergarten.

*ALL of the amazing friendships that have been formed here on FOJG. if it weren't for a lot of you, i would have never changed (for the better), i've would been a huge mess when my grandmother passed away. you guys helped me soosoo much. i love you all!!!

*all the conversations i've had with all of you either, on FOJG, phone, myspace, IM or in person.

I LOVE YOU ALL...MY BABIES! (i love when he says that).

the only horrible thing was that my grandmother passed away...but i'm actually happy...because she was in soooo much pain and now she's fine where she is.

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