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Where'd that wagon get off to?

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on January 1, 2008 - 6:59pm

I seem to recall making a determined effort to make use of this journal and uttering the phrase "this time I mean it". *sigh*

In my own defense, I did spend the weekend being good- I resisted all the urges to bake way too many sugary things and counted everything, even when it was embarassing (darn you seasoned french fries! Why do you have to be so many points?) Instead, my best friend and I cleaned out my closets and then went out and bought canisters to go with the food sealer I got for Christmas. It was just the day long girly spree I needed before she goes back to school and I go back to the office and feel too old for my age.

New Year's Eve was just about my undoing though. I had planned on breaking in my new wok (my other Christmas present :) and testing out the food saver but I got a call from a college friend who needed a friendly ear. So rather than the more point friendly stiry fry I was going to make, we ended up going out for chilli and fries. Both exellent, both devestating to my weekly allowance. (The cornbread and honey probably didn't help either... or the chips and salsa at home... or the popcorn while watching movies...) But I counted it all! And bonus points for me: I was a good girl and went to Pilates Saturday morning and got my lazy butt to jog on the treadmill at least 30 mins every day this weekend. And fortunately for us, we didn't actually spend the whole evening noshing on junk food. We burned a few calories playing Guitar Hero and let our inner-geeks reign by replicating Galileo's feather and coin experiment with my food saver (the feather and quarter hit the same time as the ball and together, yay for science!)

So the wagons tried to leave without me but I hung on this time. Have delivered New Year's smackdown, go me!

The downside to all this is that tomorrow I head back to work. *sigh* I really do like my job- no joke! But man I was getting used to all this time off. I gave the work-wagon permission to roll on without me but looks like it stopped and waited. A well- crank up Josh and get to it again!

Happy New Year All!

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