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new year fun

joshlover2themax's picture
on January 2, 2008 - 1:54pm

Happy New Year! Now I have to remember to 2008 on my checks. lol.

So I was trying to think of a fun thing that I could do this year and I came up with one. I am going to create a songbook of all the songs that David Foster helped write. I’ll put them in the order that they were made and make sure I have a table of contents to go in the front because there are going to be a lot of songs. I also want to learn how to play the piano. But that might have to wait until next year because school takes first priority.

Something else I am doing this year is keeping track of my sleep patterns for the whole year. I made an excel spreadsheet that I broke down into months and then I have one big chart for the whole year. I want to see how crazy my sleep patterns are. lol.

So we’re moving into our house in two weeks and I want to get it painted before we move in. I don’t know exactly what color would look best. I know I want light lavender walls. Maybe I’ll go to Lowe’s and get some paint samples today that way I can get a better feel for what colors might work.

And I renewed my FOJG membership today. So I get to be here for another year at least. Right now everything here is slow because of the holidays. But I know that in a couple of weeks it will pick up again.

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