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Hawaiin Count Down!!

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on January 2, 2008 - 5:41pm

I'm blessed to be vacationing on the big island of Hawaii in February. Hubby and I will be there for 10 days. We have a sunset whale watch scheduled and on the day of my birthday (25th) he's treating me to an outdoor spa. Does that sound wonderful or what??? He'll be happy that day too, golfing on one of the most beautiful courses in the world. I can't wait. I'll have my birthday celebration and a private celebration in honor of Josh's on the 27th - we're only 2 days apart :)

It'll be nice to get away from all that is happening here. Arrangements were made this morning to transfer my sister from the nursing home to hospice on Friday. It's bittersweet as she will be in a place of peace and love and comfort and yet I don't think she'll ever leave there, but spend her last days there instead. It's been a very long road for her....pray everthing will be OK, would you!

It's coooooooold here. The wind chill is -6 right now. Brrrrrrr. I think I'll get my jammies on and cuddle into bed with a good magazine! I'm glad I didn't have to venture out for church choir practice tonight - we have the month off :)

So, where are you Josh Groban? At home with family? Did you kiss a girl at midnight new years eve? Are you in the studio recording? Are you cuddled up with Sweeney watching movies? Are you thinking of US?....and how much we miss YOU? Do you know how much YOU ARE LOVED by your Grobanites?

Does it feel like Monday to anyone? Geepers, these holidays got me all messed up.

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