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sweeney todd

Nessa7's picture
on January 2, 2008 - 9:03pm

i saw sweeney todd:the demon barber of fleet street w/ johnny depp. i went with my two friends, zulema and joel.
it was/is incredible! i loved it. helena and johnny did a great job singing...especially when they are not singers.
i had bought the soundtrack before i saw the movie, because i already love all the music. i have a recorded/live show of sweeney todd. the one from 1984 and directed by harold prince. i highly recommend it.

while we were in line for popcorn. their was this kid behind us. he was alone. his mom and sister where inside already. his name is paul and his 11. he was their to see sweeney todd, too. (for the second time) and we just started conversation about sweeney todd and other things. he's a cool kid.
after the movie was over, he was outside the door waiting for us, because he wanted his mom to see me because i have the same name as his sister (vanessa) it was funny.

of course, we bought starbucks after, but i wasn't such a good idea. i already have a lot of energy (like another person i know) and having a caramel frappucchino with wip creame, venti. was not such a good idea. i was crazy!!

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