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Other Josh Dream

GrobAngel's picture
on January 3, 2008 - 7:01am

I had another one last night. And this isn't like the last one, where I was doing something else that didn't make sense and he just happened to be there. There was nothing else in the dream. Just the two of us in a small room with dark furniture. I'm standing in front of a mirror over a dresser, and he's wearing a light blue, cream, and white striped sweater. We kiss three times; then he picks me up like I don't weigh anything and carries me towards the bed.
That's when I woke up. Some part of me realized, "You're having another Josh Groban dream! Remember it!" I wish I could override it with the thought, "That's right, you're having a dream. And now that you realize this, you can stay in it and control what happens."
I also wish I could've stayed in the dream. It's freezing out, public transportation has gone to the dogs, and I'm living in fear of catching the flu that's started to go around my office. I have half a mind to keep a mask in my desk to wear while I'm at work. I risk looking like Michael Jackson, but I'll be less stressed, which is conducive to better health.