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Reminiscing on JR's Birthday!!

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on January 3, 2008 - 2:24pm

Today is special because it's JR's 15th birthday today. We've had him since he was 6 weeks old. He's a part of the family. I'm spoiling him with special treats, a massage and a walk. He doesn't get to walk very often anymore because he loses too much weight.
A couple of years ago I contacted a pet psychic. I know you probably think I'm nuts. OK, maybe I am but Annette told me that JR had told her things she had no way of knowing. The only thing that she asked of me was his name. That was it. This was all done oer the phone mind you. It's was kind of spooky at first but I enjoyed being able to ask him questions and get answers. JR gave her details about when we lived with my parents for a year to care for my mom. He was good medicine for her. It was erie how detailed he got. He wanted to know when we were going home? I gave him an answer. I asked her if she would ask JR if he minded if I still called him puppy. He conveyed to her and I quote,"She can call me anything she wants to. We have a special connection the two of us and I couldn't ask for a better life." He told her some of his favorite things. He likes his ears massaged by Missy. He says she has a special touch. He loves to play with Brian cause he plays hard. He also told Annette that he missed his sister Jessie. She moved away and we haven't heard from them since. To make my long story come to an end. We have a special bond and I give thanks for that everyday.

Have a great Joshin day.


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