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CJs lost and found

lindyjean's picture
on January 3, 2008 - 5:27pm

i was just reading how nessa got screwed out of her Noel CJ. Makes me so angry that it should happen to such a sweetie. i am fortunate, and have mine in hand. maybe one will surface for her. there are so many Borders and Barnes and NOble in So Cal, there has to be one, somewhere, that hasn't been claimed.
Went and saw Sweeney Todd last night. Since i have never seen the play, or heard the soundtrack, i have nothing to compare it to---well, except for Josh singing NWIA---and i thought the movie was great. Ya gotta love Tim Burton to think so, i believe. Sometimes it was hard to understand the words to the songs, so i may get the soundtrack to hear it all again. i'll no doubt see it again, and enjoy it just as much. I just wish it was josh, but, johnny depp would be my second choice. it's not for the squeamish, for sure.

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