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My FOJG Welcome Kit Finally Came!!!!!!!!!!

vijaykumar's picture
on January 3, 2008 - 8:14pm

What a wonderful surprise to come home to after a lonnnnnnnnnnng day of work!!!!!!!!!! I will be sleeping with Josh tonight! That's right, I will be wearing my new shirt to bed. (What were you naughty people thinking???!!!) LOL
Anyways, I can't wait to wear that shirt. I was beginning to think it wasn't coming. I joined FOJG in the beginning of November. Oh well, it was worth the wait.
We had another "record breaking" day at the pharmacy. We did almost 500 prescriptions. Not too shabby for only being open a year & a half!!! We had bad weather here the past 2 days, so everyone that couldn't make it in on the 1st & 2nd came in today. Absolute Craziness!!!!!!!! I do love my job though...I've met a lot of good people, (just as I have on here).
Well, I have to go now. Daughter wants to say bedtime prayers. Until next time.....
"Grobie" Hugs,

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