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Warm Fuzzy Feelings

vijaykumar's picture
on January 4, 2008 - 6:55pm

Well, first off I would like to thank everyone for a warm welcome and also for helping me come out of confused state of mind. I believe that I am slowly getting the hang of the FOJG forum. I have even posted a few times! I guess that I just got a little overwhelmed at the beginging, but the forum really isn't too much different than the one at That one I ended up lurking for quite a while before posting. This one I plan on getting "down and dirty" and "make with the Joshness" much sooner.

I unfortunately had to go back to work today after a nice mini vacation. Three days off in a row is rare for me and was a really nice treat. Pretty soon I'll be heading back to school too. We have a month off, then the Spring Semester begings. Right now I am attending CCRI (Community College of Rhode Island) where I am working on my associates degree in Business. After that I plan on going to Bryant University.

Between Home, Work, and School I am so grateful to have Josh's music. When I get stressed out, all I need to do is crank up Solo Por Ti or Gira and it calms me right down. Or when I feel like I wanna give up Josh is right there (well in spirit) singing don't give up. His music is inspirational, motivational, and well its a breath of fresh air. These days, true talent in the music industry is a rare find, and it makes me appreciate Josh so much.

Until Next Time,

ok ok I know I babble sometimes, you'll have to forgive me

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