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Back to the Grind

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on January 4, 2008 - 10:29pm

I distinctly remember having a lutz and salchow before Christmas and I would love to know why they get a longer holiday break than I do!

5AM came bloody early- early enough my dog didn't want to get out of her kennel! I opened it up and she laid there looking at me with eyes that said "Human, you are out of your f------ mind." (I don't get sad puppy eyes from Spectre, I get "you're crazy") To be fair, I was out of it too: I couldn't make Jell-O to save my life last night and cooking eggs this morning was almost too much.

Yay for morning rituals.

On the upside though, I did start the year off right WW wise and busted out a 1.5lb loss this week! I officially carried through with my '07 resolution to weigh less at the end of '07 than I did at the end of '06 (by about 10 whole lbs!) Certainly doesn't hurt the confidence to set a goal and acheive it ;)

Then I get to the rink and my coach tells me that she'd made a miscalcultion: the next USFSA test is at the end of February instead of closer to Spring like we'd planned which means I have only a handful of weeks to get my test program ready.

So instead of the casual refresher session I'd planned on I spent a solid hour skating this morning at full speed. Seriously. I had about 20 minutes to myself to warm up in the beginning and remind myself of MITF patterns, and from then out it was skate my 1:40 program, rest for half a minute or so while my coach retweaked choreography she wasn't happy with, reskate, repeat. By the end I'm so twizzled around my bunny hops aren't even happening (but dang it, my flip still works!)

So by 8:00AM when I drag my exhausted little bod off the ice I'd earned a whopping 6 activity points. Then I got to go to work and sit while my muscles tightened themselves up. Yay!

Work wasn't so bad but for whatever reason, the 8 hours just started dragging by 2:00. I churned code all day, even made what could losely be described as "progress" and then at 4:30 the emails start. We'll just say I have a new pet peeve: bosses who arbitrarily change their minds and then deny their own inconsistency! My spiteful side wanted to resend an email discussion I'd had over the summer where my boss kicked and screamed to get things to work the way they are now- today they suddenly decided it'd be handy if they worked that other way (that was so repulsive over the summer, *sigh*)

Oh well. I guess the new kid in the office still has to learn how detect the phases of the moon.

... worked my butt off skating (oh, and did I mention the spectacular tumble I had in the upright spin? My aching knee hasn't let me forget it all day...), pounded code, dealt with bosses, watched the clocks drag in the afternoon. Yep, '08 is picking up right where '07 left off! I know today was a Friday... but really it felt like some one shouting "Back to the grind!" to me!

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