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Major Storm!

SamsGirl2002's picture
on January 5, 2008 - 1:15am

It is SNOWING!!!! Huge fluffy flakes. I love snow, but not when I have to drive in it. Frankly, I would rather stay home and snuggle with Josh...ERRR....I mean with my husband...yeah, that's it...that's what I really meant. ;)

The snow started about a half hour before I left for work, and the road was TERRIBLE already! And I'm supposed to go to my second job this weekend. I'm thinking that's not going to happen! We NEED the money, but it's not worth risking my life over, that's for sure.

I was going to post something on New Year's...but I couldn't think of anything to post. I'm such a fool sometimes. *grin*

2007 was such an AWESOME year!!! I saw Josh live for the first time in April, then 3 times in a week in August. I was lucky enough to have a Josh encounter in which I made a total fool of myself. Thank God, I'm sure it wasn't the highlight of the 'Awake' tour for I don't have to worry that he remembers me. hehe Maybe if I ever get another opportunity, I won't act like such a dork!!! Oh, that's a freakin' lie...I'm sure I will!!! I'm just a natural DORK!!!!

But probably the best thing is all the AWESOME friends I've made this last year in FOJG! People I've never met in person, who are as dear to me as anyone could be, and others who I have met that I can't wait to see again!

YUP, it was an awesome year!!!

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