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Winter is Confused & I'm off on a tangent.

vijaykumar's picture
on January 5, 2008 - 10:15am

Now it's raining. Monday it is suppose to be 50 degrees out.
Wierd Global Warming weather.
And/or... they said the earth was wobbling on its axis several years ago when Sri Lanka had that 9.0 earth quake in the ocean that caused that tidal wave...maybe we are still wobbling to and from the sun..
one week warm we freezing cold.

So, the beautiful snow is melting. It was so pretty here with the fresh snow and icicles. All the trees had snow outlines. It was like a gingerbread village with white frosting and sugar icicles all sparklely and pretty.

I image we will have more snow. Winter is not over yet. In fact, it just began.

We have the dem and rep primary coming up in Michigan on the 15. I just do not understand why Edwards's name and Obama's name
can not be put on the MI primary ballot and they can not be written in. That is just not right. Sounds rigged to me. Everything is getting so corrupt.

Went to see Juno last night.
Remember Valley Girl talk..well
there is a new kind of talk...I think it must be called "fast forward" or "quipy speed talking." Certain shows on tv do it and this movie used it. It was explicit, too. It was an interesting movie.

And how about that new show on cable celebrating normal sized bodies. Good idea but, ... HELLO...nevermind the chick is standing in her underwear and then nude...HELLO...undies and bra plastered all over a jumbo tron in NY city. HELLO...can you say "indecent exposure" ...and whipping off her shirt with no concern in front of a guy and everyone. And he and she were so proud
to show all she had everywhere. Nice idea about embracing normal over sized weights and bodies but HELLO SHE WAS PRANCING AROUND IN HER UNDERWEAR & THEN NUDE...HELLO...>>>Also will they be doing this same idea of a show with a large sized male and telling him how he looks good for his size. I doubt it because men can be any size, any age, and look any way and it is o.k. and then are portrayed with a bunch of lovely ladies adoring Flave of Flave...I rest my case.

O.K. I am done with my soap box for the on a tangent.

Chow for now.

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