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So many thoughts, so little time...

sweetsong34's picture
on January 7, 2008 - 12:01am

Catching up on work and the boards. There's so much I'd like to say about Christmas, Josh's wonderful performances(so well-done...these songs just fit his voice imo), being a winner in the ornament contest--woohoo I have a cd now with a cute smilie on it--and I'd I think of life's blessings in general, but it all doesn't seem very important after hearing about Kenya and the violence there. I get disgusted with my own petty concerns when I think what some people are enduring right now.

Even though I've never been to Kenya, I feel like I have through our friends who live and work there. They've told us how that after a funeral of a person with AIDS, the people raised their hands to adopt the children who were now orphans, and how corrupt government is a common thing. Children ask tourists for money, and millions live in poverty.

Our friends live in Eldoret where the opposing tribe burned down a church with fifty people inside, many of whom were women and children. Many who helped were attacked or killed also. My friends have a plot of land next to the church. They can't leave their house because of the danger. I hope they are safe and have enough food for their family. It's hard to imagine. They were just visiting us a little over a year ago. I wish I could do something. If I could trade places with them, I would.

But we sit in our safe homes, listening to beautiful music, never worrying about food, clothes, shelter, or anything else. We sleep at night without a care in the world. I turn on "world" news tonight and it sounds more like one long campaign commercial for talking heads with plastic smiles and too much stage makeup. Not one word about Kenya. "Change" is now a buzzword devoid of any real meaning. And while they promote themselves as the people's candidates for "change", my friends risk their lives to reach out to affect change in one heart at a time.

So here's my idea: send Hillary, Obama, McCain, and Romney to the slums of Nairobi to see if they really are the agents of "change". And send a reporter or two with them. ;)

No seriously, we don't begin to understand what other people in the world go through. We have removed ourselves from reality so we can pretend everything's ok. We live for ourselves and go from one thrill to the next. It's difficult and painful to see how harsh life is and how terrible people can be. And the truth is, most of us are just as corrupt. But if we found ourselves in similar circumstances as those in Kenya, we could be just a bad. Some would get rich at the expense of the poor. Some might get angry at poverty and corruption for a while, but just find the problem to be endless. We might even try to help, but the fact is all people are corrupt and need a change of heart. Some try to change for a while. But I know of only One who can change a dark heart completely, if they would only believe what He did for them.

Praying for what we know can be,
hoping for what we still can't see.

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