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Family Planning

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on January 7, 2008 - 6:58am

I have always been such a cat person, but can't have one in my no-pets apartment. (The only pet I can have there is my rubber ducky, Squeaker.) The closest thing I have is my FILs' cat Figaro. Not to brag, but he likes me best. He follows me around, comes when I call, and lets me pet and pick him up when no one else is allowed. That was tested when he scratched my face, but the marks are going down and he's forgiven.
As he doesn't really belong to either of us, my fiance and I can't take him when we get a new place. It's just as well; we have plans for others. The one we can agree on is a tortoiseshell to be named Zot (for her namesake, see Queen of Wands - He also wants a big black alley cat (to be named Greebo, regardless of gender), and I also want a silver tabby (to be named Dustin if it's a male and Willow if it's a female). I once toyed with the idea of Brogna (anagram of Groban) as a name for any gender or color, but don't think it'll work.
I know the title of this entry gave the impression that I was writing about something else, but pets can be family too. Not to mention I'd much rather have a cat than a baby.

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