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How Everything Went Wrong

lexiarayne's picture
on January 7, 2008 - 3:01pm

So, basically, my play is not going to happen. It just wouldn't work because we had to push our performance date back for everyone's Independant Project, and now my main character can't be in it because of previous commitment.

Why did we have to push back the performance?

Because we just got the UGLIEST new school I have ever freaking seen. It's kind of a cross between a prison, because it has really small windows and you can't get out during the day, and a hospital because its entirely white and the bell sounds like a flatline like when someone dies.

I tried to look on the bright side and said that it sounded like the flute thingy in Sweeney Todd, but then I realized that when that happens in the show Sweeney had killed someone and that didn't make it any better...

So now, I am completely in the dark on how to show my school how much Josh means to me and how much he has inspired me to do what I want to do. My best bet is to sing one of his songs as a senior solo for chorus. This was my plan all along, but I really wanted to show people why exactly he was so amazing. This isn't doing anything for me.

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