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on January 8, 2008 - 1:26pm

Come back in a few minutes and I might have something else written...right now I'm trying something out becuase I'm bored.


Hey, it works. I have been wondering how you post pictures on blogs but never really wanted to sit and find out. Now I know how. lol. Don’t you just love Josh’s expressions! They are so dynamic and fun. That’s one of my favorite avatars. I have a lot on my photobucket account.

The semester started yesterday and I am trying not to think about everything I have to do. I just have to think about one class at a time and not get too far behind and I’ll be okay. I am really tired of school though. I want to be done. And I suppose since I am in college I can quit anytime I want but I feel like I have to keep going to school in order to make my parents happy. I really should move out and not worry about what they think so much. But I need money in order to move out and that is something I don’t have. I wish I did. Life would be so much simpler.

The David Foster songbook is coming along. It’s fun. I went to and got the list of every song David has ever been involved with. I am condensing to just songs that he composed but I am still working on it. I was thinking about how I wanted the table of contents to look and I decided that I am not going to think about until I’m ready to think about it. lol. Maybe I’ll work on it next.

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