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Long Days

vijaykumar's picture
on January 9, 2008 - 6:33pm

It's been a long couple of days! yesterday was just crazy! i had 13 dogs in the daycare and 10 dogs in for grooming! I don't think that i left work until 8:00pm nothing like a 13 hour day! monday and today were just as bad! January is supposed to be a slow month for grooming because everyone is usually broke because of christmas! not this year apparently! I read a new book, the kite runner. Anyone else out there read it yet? it's not a very intellectual book but it is very emotional. I thought that it was excellent! Now i've started the anne frank diary. so far it's pretty good. I can't imagine life back then, with all of the horrible things that happened. well it's time to sign off for now! i just finished disinfecting the intire place and now it's time to go home, walk the dogs, eat supper and go to bed! i hope everyone out there has a wonderful night!

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