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Odd little day of breakthroughs

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on January 9, 2008 - 7:56pm

Today was wierd - good, but weird.

It's amazing what a little practice will do. I had spent most of Monday doing program run throughs so today when I got together with my coach, I could actually get through my program without (too much) mishap. But afterwards, all I wanted to to was drag my sorry self off the ice and back into bed and veg out for the day. If I coudln't do that, I wanted to huddle up on the couch and write (still suffering from brain warp).

Needless to say, neither happened. I get to work in time to find out I'm a half hour late for a meeting with my bosses (kind of them to send me the invite and hour before I was scheduled to be in this morning). So I spend the mornign running from one meeting to another getting maybe a half hour here and there to actually get my code in some semblance of a deliverable form. But whatever I managed to do, it worked! We'd had some massive memory leak problems this morning, and they were fixed by the time I delivered my code at the end of the day (for those of you wondering, memory leaks ARE in fact related to us programmers loosing our motivation and will to code ;) ) So Yay! For the first time ina long time, I left work feeling accomplished (and thoroughly enjoyed YAL all the way home).

Had to take Spectre to the vet today though (she had some sort of tummy sore :( ). It's weird to me to watch other people around my dog. I see her all the time so while I still gush over how cute she is (I have the cutest puppy ever! Sorry Sweeney, if it make syou feel better though, your human ain't too bad ;) ), I'm used to her behavior (and sometimes lack thereof - we used to have lattice around the back deck, Destructor-The-Terrible apparently didn't like it). It cracks me up when other people are amazed at her: there was one guy at the vet who just about fell off his chair when I told her to lay down and she did. He said he'd pay good money to see his dog mind him like that (the poor man was holding a Pekinsese) I saw a guy on TV who was a dog trainer and his joke was that it was actually false advertising: he was really a people trainer who helped dogs understand their humans. I guess I either lucked out and my puppy really is as smart as I say she is, or my semesters of Skinner and Watson had paid off.

So now I finally get to sit down and do what I've been trying to do- write! I had some major mental plot breakthroughs the other night, lets see if I can make use of them!

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