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A day in the life...

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on January 10, 2008 - 7:32pm

Did you know that today: (January 10th)
- Ethan Allen (Revolutionary War commander) was born (1738)
- The Texas oil boom started (1901)
- The first manmade contact with the moon was established (1946)

Tomorrow: (January 11th)
- Caesar crossed the Rubicon River (49 BC)
- Great Britain held its first lottery (1569)
- Alexander Hamilton was born (1755)
- Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly solo across the Pacific (1935)

(Enough with the facts)

Last night, I learned an important lesson... If I want to fall instantly to sleep, all I need to do is take work home with me (literally).

Once every 8 weeks, I get the fun job of figuring the percentages (results) of the final evals... that's about 175-180 percentages that need to be calculated. Anyways, I took the evals home with me thinking I could get it done at home (usually takes about 2 hours). About half way through, I got so tired that I had no choice but to pack it up and head to bed. Sad, but true... It was the best night's sleep I had since before Christmas! (Go figure)

Today at work things were rather quiet, so I spent most of my day following up on scheduled appointments, and updating all the (Milwaukee Center) university data logs. Tomorrow, I start inspecting each room at the university for repairs and professional cleaning needs. (My boss somehow figured 1 room per week, so for the next 31 weeks I get the fun job of inspecting rooms.) Then, when that's done... I get the fun job of scheduling the cleaning crew(s) and contractors for repairs (thrilling - NOT!). The only cool thing about this project is that each room is equipped with a CD player so I can play Josh (as loud as I want) while I inspect the rooms (hoorah!).

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