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Thank God It's Friday

itzchel's picture
on January 11, 2008 - 9:26am

All I can say is: I'm so glad to day is Friday and that half the day is over. It has been a rough week at work. It seems my part-timers have a problem with my promotion but TOO BAD. I really worked hard for this and I'm not going to let anybody get me down about it.

Today is actually pretty quiet. One of the attorneys is in NY for trial and the other is in court for a traffic violation. These are the days when I can usually get caught up with everything I need to do.

Looking forward to this weekend. Husband and I are going to a Portuguese restaurant in the Ironbound Section of Newark, NJ. The food is incredible and the atmosphere always festive.

We're also going to an adoption party. Friends of ours have adopted a bulldog named "Brewski". So we're giving him a welcome to the family party.

I just spent $94.00 on e-bay. Found all kinds of Josh stuff and went nutso. HELP!! I AM IN A BUYING MOOD!!!

I also bought some games for my Nintendo DS. I'm really glad I get gift certificates from my family.

be back later

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