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Saving the day...

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on January 13, 2008 - 9:02pm

Why is it that every time I try to have a quiet day at home to relax, something always comes up?

Got up early this morning and went to church. Forgot to turn my cell off (oops!) and of course about a half hour into the service my phone rang (how embarassing). I checked who called and then turned off the phone.

Called my friend when I got home only to find out that the sumpump in her basement burned out and the basement flooded due to all the rain we've been having. Of course, she needed someone to help her clean up the mess, so she called me (go figure).

So, instead of relaxing like I had planned, I traveled out to her place to help clean up the basement. By the time I got out there, her brother arrived and installed a new pump. Although there was standing water, it was a real mess because half the basement is furnished (a game room). The carpeting is shot, but most of the other furniture should be fine once it dries out. Besides the furniture, there were tons of boxes stacked up on the floor.

I was out there from 1:30-9:00 pm. It took a long time, but we managed to get the water cleaned up and about half the boxes sorted (toss or save). There is of course still a lot more that needs to be done.

I'm still planning to relax sometime this week. But first, I need to put all my Christmas stuff back in storage. (I've been slacking a little since the holidays)

By the way, I am sleeping better. All I have to do when I am stressed and can't sleep is take a step back from everything... Make my bed on the living room floor. Turn on Josh and just watch my aquarium while focusing on the music. After awhile, I drift off into a sound sleep. (Sounds weird, I know. But it really works.)

Take care.

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