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more fun than a barrel full of monkeys

lindyjean's picture
on January 13, 2008 - 9:35pm

today i attended my first grobanite gathering. after missing out on the anaheim meet n greet, and getting together with them at disneyland, i had the good fortune to spend an afternoon with the cream of the crop of the anaheim grobies. tami opened her heart, her (mom's) home, her wallet and her kind spirit to 25 of us, and she not only gave us food (josh, i'm tellin' ya, ya shoulda been there), drink, and a big bag of schwag.....thanks to the other fans who contributed goodies as well....i won't name names becuz i may leave someone out, and i would hate to slight anyone. there were donated items by fans and the fan club mods. so much good stuff to choose from!!! val, representing GFC, brought in her portable store of items, and i don't think anyone got out without buying something.
shauna served as our auctioneer, and she can really sell it!!! way to go, shauna.
this was a whole lotta fun, and it was so nice to put faces to names, and see who i've been laughing with for the last year or so. this is an incredible group of women, and i'm sure that most of josh's fans across the globe are of the same ilk. i'm so happy they let me into their world, and so glad to have met them.

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