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In Search of Answers

vijaykumar's picture
on January 15, 2008 - 4:57pm

Did some digging and phone calling and here is what I found out. The state election committee moved the primary data to an earlier date. That violated Democratic Party rules and Republican Party rules. The National Democratic Party then told Michigan that none of its 156 delegates would be able to participate in the National Democratic Party Convention to pick a presidential candidate.
The National Republican Party punished Michigan saying only half Michigan's Republican delegates would be able to participate in their National Convention to select a President. The news today said that the Michigan Democratic Party "hoped" the National Democratic Party would allow the 156 Michigan delegates to attend. What kind of insanity if this ? Talk about manipulation of a primary. So which votes do the Republicans get to eliminate and which do they keep. Do they get to hand pick the 78 votes ? And I did not think voting in a non vote vote for a Democratic candidate made any sense. I did not know what to do. So I crossed party lines and voted for the one that matched my view most closely. And get this...we now have to announce to the voter registration ladies which party ticket we want. So local people now think they know which party I support. Wierd. Wierd and not American and majorly manipulated. And it leaves me to wonder about who Dean, head of the DNC, really supports.
And I read the MI could have switched to a caucus up until today and they did not. So who is Mark Brewer really supporting. How do they justify this situation. Wierd.

And who sits on the State's election committee...which party...possible manipulation to cause this kind of non voting from Michigan ????

Wierd...we're just the forgotten state.

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