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Blink Blink

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on January 15, 2008 - 8:25pm

Wow. Why is it that life seems to fly at you in one giant unstoppable WHOOOSH?

Sunday, I'm whining about what a rut I'm in and how if you give me a minute, hour, and day I can tell you (not just predict, but actually TELL you) what I'll be doing or what I was doing at that time.

Monday I get to work and it was like I hadn't been there for weeks. Everything starts breaking and for some reason I'm the one who's supposed to fix it. Wasn't just me on Monday either: pretty much every one I chat with at work was having a crappy day. We'd pass each other in the halls and all but hug each other in sympathy cause we were all getting kicked around. Then I get home and try to cheer myself up by watching Ratatouille and cooking Ratatouille and I nearly take my finger off slicing vegetables. At least I ate well yesterday- leftover spaghetti for lunch (YUM) and the Ratatouille was actually pretty good (very different, but very edible)!

Today, I didn't spend more than an hour and a half at my desk at any given time. It was work an hour, run to a meeting, come back, work a bit, run somewhere else. At least I got my steps in for the day!

After the giant company meeting there was one of those "optional" receptions... with cookies and brownies EVERYWHERE. Since I'm following a lifestyle and NOT A DIET, I had a small bit of brownie and then filled up on veggies and fruit- go me! I took the rest of my brownie back and gave it to my office mates ;P ...Then went out to dinner at Red Robin and ordered a Rookie Magic shake (Good LORD do I love Oreos). But I made up for it by trying the BBQ Chicken Wrap and only eating half of it (VERY very good... for only 4 points?!?!?) I'm stuffed regardless so all is well. Besides, I hit the ice AND Pilates today. Despite a day of treating, I still have flex points left!

Bah! Fingers are sore, legs feel like jelly, the abs can't find a comfortable way to sit. Time to soak in the tub, listen to a little Josh, and say good night to a crazy three days.

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