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Utah friends.............keep a look out!!!

FlippedOverJosh02's picture
on January 17, 2008 - 5:55pm

So, this film festival that Josh will be at, can some of you living close try get tickets to go, or is it NOT open to the public? I hope it is and some of you get in. And.............if that's the case, I'm moving to Utah! LOL

Cold here today. Tomorrow morning it's suppose to hit 30 below...........eeeeeeeeeek! I made a big crock pot full of homemade chicken soup with dumplings - my family was thrilled. :) Of course, I love that!

Well, it's winter break for my kids. They got off at noon today and have Friday and Monday off too. Of course, they both brought friends home after school today. I LOVE that they like to come here and feel comfortable hanging out. I always wanted a home like that. I'm already missing Hannah and her friends - they'll all be in college next year.

Had a dream last night that I went to pick up Hannah from her dorm room (it was spotless, so I know it was a dream - LOL) and as we were walking through the lounge area there was a guy reading a magazine on the sofa. I said to Hannah, kiddingly "that looks like Josh" - and she said, "mom, I told you he would be here." and that was it - nothing - nodda - zilch - like couldn't something ELSE have happened before I woke up? What the heck?

Geez, it's 8:00 p.m. already - there's not enough time in my days lately. Still getting caught up from losing 4 days last week in bed. Oh well, such is life.

Nighty night all ~ sweet Josh dreams......I'm hoping for another ;)

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