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got my new CJ!!!

lindyjean's picture
on January 17, 2008 - 9:06pm

hooray, UPS made a late stop, and i got my Closer answer one comment, it's almost's not put together, but it should be about 5'8" when assembled. I'm so excited!!! the Awake CJ is 5'7"....twin joshes!!! whoo-hoo!!! my HOG came in right after UPS left it, so, he found out about it. we took it out and looked at it, and he suggested i take apart the other one and put it into the box with the new one, and save them for a few decades, when they'll really be worth something, then take them out and sell them on ebay. what a silly man!!! no, i'm gonna assemble it as soon as i can figure it out (it doesn't look too hard), and have my little flock of joshes all together ( i have the Noel display, too, also not put together. it's not a cut-out of josh, just a display, so it's not as tall). so, my HOG thinks i've gone way over the edge now. he keeps thinking i've gone over the edge already, but then another edge will come that i then go over, and on and on.

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